Sunday, May 01, 2005

Cool Google game

Play Guess-the-Google. The game generates a montage of images resulting from a Google search. You have to guess the keyword that was searched. You have 20 seconds per montage (extra points for unused time), 10 montages per game. The maximum score is 400 (high scores are already at 399).

It's a pretty fun and innovative game. After playing a few times, I got a 345. My main beef with the game is that the keyword database is pretty small. Keywords start repeating after only a couple of games. So, it just turns into a game of memory (no wonder people got 399). Also, the reaction time of the flash program is pretty slow. So, if you type in a guess (or many guesses), the timer counts down while you're waiting for a response. I also noticed a bug where a montage repeats, but is associated with a different keyword. Good potential here, though.

UPDATE: Ok, I just got a 398.