Friday, April 22, 2005

Profits aplenty for Google

The Q12005 8-K came in much better than expected, with quarterly revenue up a whopping 93% year-over-year (22% sequential) to $1.256 billion. Here's the interesting factoid for those concerned about click fraud: AdSense revenue share dropped to 47%, at $584 million (75% year-over-year increase). AdWords accounted for 52% of total revenue, or $657 million (116% year-over-year increase).

Analysis: this implies that AdSense revenue share has indeed peaked at 49% and is beginning to drop. This is very good news for Google, since they are reducing their dependence on the fraudulent and potentially catastrophic ad model. Google will not be going under anytime soon, much to the dismay of the Fucked Google guys, I'm sure.

Here's more commentary from ISB.

Here's a chart of GOOG, up to $223.69 in after-hours trading.